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B & B Flooring Warehouse LLC, Suite #304, Louisiana (LA)

Address: 300 Jefferson Highway
Suite #304, Louisiana (LA), Jeffe

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B&B Flooring Warehouse is located in New Orleans while providing flooring services over the entire greater New Orleans area. One of the main advantages of this vendor is the wide range of products that will suit all flooring needs. Whether it's a small personal renovation project or a huge commercial space decoration, B&B Flooring Warehouse will offer all the hardwood, tiling, laminate, rug and carpeting solutions as well as all the materials required for the installation and maintenance of your floor.

But what's really great about this particular vendor is that, while carrying a very extensive selection of products that can otherwise be found in most other shops, B&B Flooring Warehouse is proud to offer the most competitive prices around that are really hard to beat. By combining advantageous wholesale contracts with adequately low overhead, this shop is really passing on the savings to you, making your renovation or construction much more affordable.

So make sure to stop by the warehouse, browse through the extensive inventory of flooring solutions and request all the services needed to properly measure, correct, install and maintain your floor.

We are serving (cities in Louisiana): River Ridge, Kenner, Avondale, Marrero, Luling, Gentilly, Chalmette

You can buy Carpet, Hardwood floor and Laminate in our store from the following manufacturers: Anderson Hardwood Floors, Armstrong, Beaulieu, Mannington, Milliken, Quick Step, Tarkett

Phone: 70121
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About Time - Balsa Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Birch Paper Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Forest Shade Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Leather Tone Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Ecru Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Tribal Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Blue Spectrum Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Camelot Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Cattails Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Forest Lights Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Rolling Meadows Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Cumberland Fall Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Everglade Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Italian Honey Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Kiwi Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Meadow Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Razzle Dazzle Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Safe Harbor Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Brass Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Glass Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Granite Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Jewel Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Penny Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Brown Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Camel Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Charcoal Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Forest Green Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Mocha Tan Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Mulberry Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Pale Cedar Carpet, Beaulieu
Static 26 - Hot Lips Carpet, Beaulieu
Static 26 - Huggie Bear Carpet, Beaulieu
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