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ALLOC, Norway


Everything you could ever want in a floor covering is found in Alloc laminate flooring. You get the ultimate good taste in fashion and style with any of the laminate floor designs available through this well known flooring manufacturer. Homeowners and commercial clients as well can achieve the appearance and beauty of high-end floor covering materials such as natural stone, authentic hardwood flooring, and ceramic tile with these amazingly accurate laminate floor designs.

The best part however, is that you can get the aesthetic appeal of these floor coverings without the hassle and strain of high-maintenance flooring, and with a much more appealing price tag. Alloc laminate flooring is manufactured with a focus on superior quality, long-lasting strength, and enduring beauty.

Many modern and contemporary designs offer designers, homeowners and building contractors unique opportunities to express a sense of fashion and style while remaining practical and budget friendly. These high functioning laminate floors will install quickly, clean up easily, and continue to show their beauty and style for years to come.

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Who carries ALLOC floors in Colorado
Better Floors, Inc. - Alamosa, CO 81101
Georgia stores selling ALLOC
True Hardwoods, Inc. - Calhoun, GA 30701
Visit us for an impressive choice of ALLOC floors in Louisiana!
Kenny Fuselier & Co - Lake Charles, LA 70601
Perque's Flooring - Houma, LA 70364
We carry the best selection of ALLOC floors in the state of Michigan!
Carpet Bonanza - Zeeland, MI 49464
Our New York store offers a wonderful variety of ALLOC floors!
Church Creative Flooring - Penn Yan, NY 14527
Where to buy ALLOC floors in South Carolina
BMG Flooring - Mauldin, SC 29662


Acacia laminate, ALLOC
Alocante Slate laminate, ALLOC
Alocante Slate
Antique Oak laminate, ALLOC
Antique Oak
Antique Pine laminate, ALLOC
Antique Pine
Asheville Pine laminate, ALLOC
Asheville Pine
Brandenton Maple laminate, ALLOC
Brandenton Maple
Brandenton Oak laminate, ALLOC
Brandenton Oak
Bristol Oak laminate, ALLOC
Bristol Oak
Canary Wood laminate, ALLOC
Canary Wood
Cancrete laminate, ALLOC
Castle Oak laminate, ALLOC
Castle Oak
Cherry  Maple laminate, ALLOC
Cherry Maple
Country Butternut laminate, ALLOC
Country Butternut
Craftsmands Oak laminate, ALLOC
Craftsmands Oak
Dark Oak laminate, ALLOC
Dark Oak
Del Mar Mahogany laminate, ALLOC
Del Mar Mahogany
Elegant Cherry laminate, ALLOC
Elegant Cherry
Elegant Maple laminate, ALLOC
Elegant Maple
Elegant Merbau laminate, ALLOC
Elegant Merbau
Elegant Walnut laminate, ALLOC
Elegant Walnut
Enriched Mocha Oak laminate, ALLOC
Enriched Mocha Oak
Froeted Stone laminate, ALLOC
Froeted Stone
Greystone laminate, ALLOC
Harvest Walnut laminate, ALLOC
Harvest Walnut
Hearthstone laminate, ALLOC
Heritage Cherry laminate, ALLOC
Heritage Cherry
Historic Chestnut laminate, ALLOC
Historic Chestnut
Ironite laminate, ALLOC
Lively Oak laminate, ALLOC
Lively Oak
Marabella Slate laminate, ALLOC
Marabella Slate
Merbau laminate, ALLOC
Mocha Oak laminate, ALLOC
Mocha Oak
Multi Charcoal Slate laminate, ALLOC
Multi Charcoal Slate
Natural Masari laminate, ALLOC
Natural Masari
Oak Plank Red laminate, ALLOC
Oak Plank Red
Oxide Black laminate, ALLOC
Oxide Black
Oxide Brown laminate, ALLOC
Oxide Brown
Panga Panga laminate, ALLOC
Panga Panga
Prairie Oak laminate, ALLOC
Prairie Oak
Provence Oak laminate, ALLOC
Provence Oak
Sand Slate laminate, ALLOC
Sand Slate
Savannah Oak laminate, ALLOC
Savannah Oak
Shoreline Beech laminate, ALLOC
Shoreline Beech
Sierra Marble laminate, ALLOC
Sierra Marble
Stone Slate laminate, ALLOC
Stone Slate
Summer Maple laminate, ALLOC
Summer Maple
Tradition Oak laminate, ALLOC
Tradition Oak
Trendline Natural laminate, ALLOC
Trendline Natural
Vermont Slate laminate, ALLOC
Vermont Slate
Vinatge Maple laminate, ALLOC
Vinatge Maple
Walnut Marino laminate, ALLOC
Walnut Marino
Weathered Oak laminate, ALLOC
Weathered Oak

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