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Bigelow, Calhoun, GA, USA


Any large commercial area with heavy foot traffic demands a high quality floor covering. Bigelow Commercial Carpet is the perfect flooring solution for spaces that need a durable walking surface. As part of the Mohawk Group, this extraordinary brand of commercial carpet is manufactured by the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, and backed by an impeccable reputation for quality.

With many types and styles of carpet flooring and modular carpet tiles, the diversity of this line allows for complete customization of your flooring design. It is possible to present an impressive style and beauty in design while still maintaining the characteristics of extreme durability.

The superior construction of this commercial carpet is evident in the longevity of its color and texture, and comes from their patented Colorstrand technology and the Everset Fibers processes. Beautiful, rich colors combine with interesting carpet textures and patterns for a long lasting appearance and performance. Have your employs and customers walking in comfort and enjoying the view from your Bigelow Commercial carpet floor covering.

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Kenny Fuselier & Co - Lake Charles, LA 70601
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Accountable Modular Biscotti Crunch carpet, Bigelow
Accountable Modular Biscotti Crunch
Accountable Modular Blueprint Ink carpet, Bigelow
Accountable Modular Blueprint Ink
Accountable Modular Ocean Wave carpet, Bigelow
Accountable Modular Ocean Wave
Accountable Modular Rosarita Rose carpet, Bigelow
Accountable Modular Rosarita Rose
Artist Modular Einstein carpet, Bigelow
Artist Modular Einstein
Artist Modular Goethe carpet, Bigelow
Artist Modular Goethe
Artist Modular Hugo carpet, Bigelow
Artist Modular Hugo
Caliber Modular Shale carpet, Bigelow
Caliber Modular Shale
CEO Einstein carpet, Bigelow
CEO Einstein
CEO Modular Aristotle carpet, Bigelow
CEO Modular Aristotle
CEO Modular Goethe carpet, Bigelow
CEO Modular Goethe
CEO Modular Hugo carpet, Bigelow
CEO Modular Hugo
City Step Honest Earth carpet, Bigelow
City Step Honest Earth
City Step Navy Pier carpet, Bigelow
City Step Navy Pier
City Step Saucey Henna carpet, Bigelow
City Step Saucey Henna
Connect Modular Nesting carpet, Bigelow
Connect Modular Nesting
Connect Modular Personalize carpet, Bigelow
Connect Modular Personalize
Connect Modular Spirituality carpet, Bigelow
Connect Modular Spirituality
Cross Country Modular Redwood Forest carpet, Bigelow
Cross Country Modular Redwood Forest
Cross Country Painted Desert carpet, Bigelow
Cross Country Painted Desert
Cross Country Sun Valley carpet, Bigelow
Cross Country Sun Valley
Datum Modular Basalt carpet, Bigelow
Datum Modular Basalt
Delhi Modular Ebony carpet, Bigelow
Delhi Modular Ebony
Delhi Modular Khaki carpet, Bigelow
Delhi Modular Khaki
Delhi Modular Slate carpet, Bigelow
Delhi Modular Slate
Doctor Hugo carpet, Bigelow
Doctor Hugo
Doctor Modular Einstein carpet, Bigelow
Doctor Modular Einstein
Doctor Newton carpet, Bigelow
Doctor Newton
End Result Closing Note carpet, Bigelow
End Result Closing Note
End Result Self Expressions carpet, Bigelow
End Result Self Expressions
Funxtion Modular Linkage carpet, Bigelow
Funxtion Modular Linkage
Grant Park  Mellow Wheat carpet, Bigelow
Grant Park Mellow Wheat
Grant Park Sundried Tomato carpet, Bigelow
Grant Park Sundried Tomato
Heat Modular Affection Tan carpet, Bigelow
Heat Modular Affection Tan
Junxtion Modular Linkage carpet, Bigelow
Junxtion Modular Linkage
Laughter Modular Affectio carpet, Bigelow
Laughter Modular Affectio
Made To Move Think Smart carpet, Bigelow
Made To Move Think Smart
Moving Ahead Peak Awareness carpet, Bigelow
Moving Ahead Peak Awareness
Moving Ahead Think Smart carpet, Bigelow
Moving Ahead Think Smart
Must Have Closing Note carpet, Bigelow
Must Have Closing Note
New Basics  Aurora Red carpet, Bigelow
New Basics Aurora Red
New Basics  Blueprint Ink carpet, Bigelow
New Basics Blueprint Ink
New Basics Rosarita Rose carpet, Bigelow
New Basics Rosarita Rose
On The Rise Think Smart carpet, Bigelow
On The Rise Think Smart
Rebuild Reinvent carpet, Bigelow
Rebuild Reinvent
Rebuild Replenish carpet, Bigelow
Rebuild Replenish
Rebuild Repurpose carpet, Bigelow
Rebuild Repurpose
Rebuild Restore carpet, Bigelow
Rebuild Restore
Recharge Rebirth carpet, Bigelow
Recharge Rebirth
Recharge Reconnect carpet, Bigelow
Recharge Reconnect
Rethink Revitalize carpet, Bigelow
Rethink Revitalize
Sector Modular Granite carpet, Bigelow
Sector Modular Granite

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