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 Carpet and Interior Solutions     Lexington, KY, 40503
Carpet and Interior Solutions, Lexington, , 40503

Carpet Solutions is happy to provide customers with all types of flooring solutions available on the market and even beyond that.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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 Floor Coverings International     Louisville, KY, 40241
Floor Coverings International, Louisville, , 40241

Floor Coverings International is the largest network of floor covering shops in North America, and you can enjoy its unparalleled customer service in Louisville as well.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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 Hadley's Warehouse Carpet Sales     Elsmere, KY, 41018

Hadley's Warehouse Carpet Sales are celebrating their 20th anniversary in the floor business with a tremendous sale!

   Laminate, Hardwood floor, Carpet
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 Howard Floors, Inc.     West Paducah, KY, 42086
Howard Floors, Inc., West Paducah, , 42086

For over forty years Howard Floors have been in the flooring business, and there's a good reason why people still choose them over all other floor covering vendors.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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 Huff Flooring Covering     Hebron, KY, 41048
Huff Flooring Covering, Hebron, , 41048

Huff Flooring Covering is a highly professional flooring vendor that combines family-operated business values with high quality of all services rendered.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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 Kevin's Carpets     Lexington, KY, 40517

Kevin's Carpets is a small but dedicated company that will surely impress you with their offers and quality of services provided.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate, Linolium
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 Korfhage Floor Covering     Louisville, KY, 40217
Korfhage Floor Covering, Louisville, , 40217

Korfhage Floor Covering spans over four generations of dedicated floor solution manufacturers and salesmen, so you can really trust your floor to them.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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 Rivercity Flooring     Louisville, KY, 40299
Rivercity Flooring, Louisville, , 40299

Rivercity Flooring Inc. was established by someone who has a very rich experience in the industry, and you can see that the moment you enter their store.

   Carpet, Hardwood floor, Laminate
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Schumacher Carpets, Inc., Cedar Rapids, , 52405
Schumacher Carpets, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hardwood floor, Carpet, Laminate, Linolium
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Sutton Rugs & Carpets, Wilmington, , 28412
Sutton Rugs & Carpets
Wilmington, North Carolina
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