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Couristan, Fort Lee, NJ, USA


Couristan, Inc was conceived in 1926 when a couple of brothers in New York City decided to go adventuring. Basil and George Couri started Couri Brothers with the creative vision to found a direct importing business specializing in fine handmade area rugs from Persia. Traveling by ship to England, riding the Orient Express and driving through the Persian desert was quite a journey for these two adventurous young men, and was the beginning of an ongoing and successful mission to bring the most exquisite handmade area rugs in the world back home to New York.

Couristan is now the name associated with the world’s finest and most exquisitely crafted area rugs and carpets. The company continues to import handmade area rugs from Pakistan, as well as from China, India and Nepal. Each artisan crafted area rug is made with extraordinary detail and supreme elegance, for style and luxury that is unsurpassed.

In the sixties, the Couristancompany developed a significant advancement in weaving technology, and now produces a power-loomed area rug.

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Augusta Floral CB43-0001 carpet, Couristan
Augusta Floral CB43-0001
Augusta Floral CB43-0002 carpet, Couristan
Augusta Floral CB43-0002
Augusta Floral CB43-0003 carpet, Couristan
Augusta Floral CB43-0003
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0001 carpet, Couristan
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0001
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0002 carpet, Couristan
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0002
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0003 carpet, Couristan
Bainbridge Trellis CB64-0003
Carnival CB86-0001 carpet, Couristan
Carnival CB86-0001
Carnival CB86-0002 carpet, Couristan
Carnival CB86-0002
Carnival CB86-0003 carpet, Couristan
Carnival CB86-0003
Carnival CB86-0004 carpet, Couristan
Carnival CB86-0004
Charisma CB68-0001 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB68-0001
Charisma CB68-0002 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB68-0002
Charisma CB68-0003 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB68-0003
Charisma CB69-0001 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB69-0001
Charisma CB69-0002 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB69-0002
Charisma CB69-0003 carpet, Couristan
Charisma CB69-0003
Double Trellis CB84-0001 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0001
Double Trellis CB84-0002 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0002
Double Trellis CB84-0003 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0003
Double Trellis CB84-0004 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0004
Double Trellis CB84-0005 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0005
Double Trellis CB84-0006 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0006
Double Trellis CB84-0007 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0007
Double Trellis CB84-0008 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0008
Double Trellis CB84-0009 carpet, Couristan
Double Trellis CB84-0009
Gabrielle CB37-0080 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0080
Gabrielle CB37-0083 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0083
Gabrielle CB37-0085 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0085
Gabrielle CB37-0091 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0091
Gabrielle CB37-0093 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0093
Gabrielle CB37-0094 carpet, Couristan
Gabrielle CB37-0094
Gridwor CB57-0005 carpet, Couristan
Gridwor CB57-0005
Gridworks CB57-0001 carpet, Couristan
Gridworks CB57-0001
Gridworks CB57-0007 carpet, Couristan
Gridworks CB57-0007
Gridworks CB57-0008 carpet, Couristan
Gridworks CB57-0008
Gridworks CB57-0009 carpet, Couristan
Gridworks CB57-0009
Key Largo CB14-0001 carpet, Couristan
Key Largo CB14-0001
Key Largo CB14-0002 carpet, Couristan
Key Largo CB14-0002
Key Largo CB14-0006 carpet, Couristan
Key Largo CB14-0006
Key Largo CB14-0007 carpet, Couristan
Key Largo CB14-0007
Nicole CB97-0002 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0002
Nicole CB97-0006 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0006
Nicole CB97-0007 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0007
Nicole CB97-0008 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0008
Nicole CB97-0009 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0009
Nicole CB97-0010 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0010
Nicole CB97-0011 carpet, Couristan
Nicole CB97-0011
Quiltworks CB73-0001 carpet, Couristan
Quiltworks CB73-0001
Quiltworks CB73-0002 carpet, Couristan
Quiltworks CB73-0002
Quiltworks CB73-0003 carpet, Couristan
Quiltworks CB73-0003
Spring Lake CB81-0001 carpet, Couristan
Spring Lake CB81-0001
Spring Lake CB81-0002 carpet, Couristan
Spring Lake CB81-0002

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