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Karastan, Dalton, GA, USA


Whether your goal is superior comfort or amazing beauty, Karastan will provide you with the perfect choice for your floor covering. Gorgeous carpets and breathtaking area rugs by Karastan allow the homeowner to elevate the level of sophistication and elegance that goes into any fine interior design. The overall ambience of any room with these extraordinary carpets and rugs is always warm and welcoming, inviting you to step in and walk in comfort across the beautiful floors of your living spaces.

Homeowners, interior designers and architects are always impressed first by the outstanding aesthetic appeal of Karastan rugs and carpets, and then blown away by the obvious value in the meticulous craftsmanship and design of their products. Nothing says chic and trendy better than a gorgeous floor covering, and you wonít find any better than those in the Karastan collection.

Whatever your preference is for style and color, you are sure to find just the right area rug, accent rug or whole room carpet flooring with the fine name of Karastan.

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Who sells Karastan in Hawaii
American Carpet One - Honolulu, HI 96819
Iowa stores selling Karastan
Steffen Furniture - Spencer, IA 51301
Karastan sold in Louisiana
Gerami's Floors - Lafayette, LA 70501
Visit us for an impressive choice of Karastan floors in Michigan!
Northern Flooring and Interiors - Lake Orion, MI 48362
We carry the best selection of Karastan floors in the state of Mississippi!
Seashore Floors & More - Gulfport, MS 39507
Our Rhode Island store offers a wonderful variety of Karastan floors!
Bartís Flooring & Carpet Center - Wakefield, RI 02879
DaSilva's Floor Covering - Pawtucket, RI 02861
Where to buy Karastan floors in Virginia
Rick - Alexandria, VA 22303


Agave Reflections Bombay carpet, Karastan
Agave Reflections Bombay
Agave Reflections Cypress carpet, Karastan
Agave Reflections Cypress
Agave Reflections Rattan carpet, Karastan
Agave Reflections Rattan
Ardington Cedar Closet carpet, Karastan
Ardington Cedar Closet
Ardington Coastal Cottage carpet, Karastan
Ardington Coastal Cottage
Ardington Sugar Cookie carpet, Karastan
Ardington Sugar Cookie
Bixby Amaranth carpet, Karastan
Bixby Amaranth
Bixby Candela carpet, Karastan
Bixby Candela
Bixby Verde Marina carpet, Karastan
Bixby Verde Marina
Capsilon Changing Seasons carpet, Karastan
Capsilon Changing Seasons
Chic Luxury English Ivy carpet, Karastan
Chic Luxury English Ivy
Chic Luxury Honeysuckle carpet, Karastan
Chic Luxury Honeysuckle
Chic Luxury Ocean Breaker carpet, Karastan
Chic Luxury Ocean Breaker
Classic Icon Luxe Boutiqu carpet, Karastan
Classic Icon Luxe Boutiqu
Classic Icon Wrought Iron carpet, Karastan
Classic Icon Wrought Iron
Coastal Elegance Apple Blossom carpet, Karastan
Coastal Elegance Apple Blossom
Coastal Elegance Copper Patina carpet, Karastan
Coastal Elegance Copper Patina
Comfort Oasis Botanica carpet, Karastan
Comfort Oasis Botanica
Comfort Oasis Fantasy carpet, Karastan
Comfort Oasis Fantasy
Comfort Oasis Northern Lights carpet, Karastan
Comfort Oasis Northern Lights
Comfort Oasis Paradise carpet, Karastan
Comfort Oasis Paradise
Defining Design Cabriolet carpet, Karastan
Defining Design Cabriolet
Defining Design Fontaine carpet, Karastan
Defining Design Fontaine
Defining Design Sienna Rose carpet, Karastan
Defining Design Sienna Rose
El Monte Amaranth carpet, Karastan
El Monte Amaranth
El Monte Papillon carpet, Karastan
El Monte Papillon
El Monte Verde Marina carpet, Karastan
El Monte Verde Marina
El Monte Yves carpet, Karastan
El Monte Yves
Friezetti Bavarian Creme carpet, Karastan
Friezetti Bavarian Creme
Friezetti Black Walnut carpet, Karastan
Friezetti Black Walnut
Friezetti Stone Path carpet, Karastan
Friezetti Stone Path
Harmonious Balance Chameleon carpet, Karastan
Harmonious Balance Chameleon
Harmonious Balance Enchanted Sea carpet, Karastan
Harmonious Balance Enchanted Sea
Harmonious Balance Evening Shade carpet, Karastan
Harmonious Balance Evening Shade
Harmonious Balance Heartstring carpet, Karastan
Harmonious Balance Heartstring
Libretto Blue Harmonies carpet, Karastan
Libretto Blue Harmonies
Libretto Classic Tonality carpet, Karastan
Libretto Classic Tonality
Metallic Impressions Agate carpet, Karastan
Metallic Impressions Agate
Metallic Impressions Quartz carpet, Karastan
Metallic Impressions Quartz
Metro Center Crown Jewel carpet, Karastan
Metro Center Crown Jewel
Metro Center Upstate carpet, Karastan
Metro Center Upstate
Most Inspiring Brownstone carpet, Karastan
Most Inspiring Brownstone
Most Inspiring Rockport carpet, Karastan
Most Inspiring Rockport
Most Inspiring Yarrow Gold carpet, Karastan
Most Inspiring Yarrow Gold
New Glamour Finished Look carpet, Karastan
New Glamour Finished Look
New Glamour Harmonious carpet, Karastan
New Glamour Harmonious
New Glamour Minimal Chic carpet, Karastan
New Glamour Minimal Chic
Panthera Tiger carpet, Karastan
Panthera Tiger
Panthera White Tiger carpet, Karastan
Panthera White Tiger
Patrice Blue carpet, Karastan
Patrice Blue
Patrice Multi carpet, Karastan
Patrice Multi
Patrice Neutra carpet, Karastan
Patrice Neutra

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