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Lamett, Douglasville, GA, USA


The designers and craftsmen of Lamett have imbued their flooring products with unimaginable quality and aesthetic appeal. From their classic solid hardwood flooring, to their highly durable engineered hardwood, to the gorgeous wood and tile laminate floor designs, each of their flooring options is a demonstration in quality.

Lamett laminate floors offer simply amazing replications of more traditional floor covering materials such as hardwood, ceramic tile and natural stone. The eye catching styles, patterns and colors allow homeowners the option of indulging in the luxurious beauty of more expensive flooring while maintaining a practical budget with long lasting durability. The wide range of laminate floor designs give options that will fit anyone’s personal sense of style and creativity.

Lammet is also well known for its line of pre-finished solid hardwood flooring in both classic and sculpted styles, as well as their elegant engineered hardwood designs. Whether remodeling an outdated décor or constructing a new custom home, your flooring choices are incredibly important to the value and aesthetics of your home.

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Augusta stone Carmine laminate, Lamett
Augusta stone Carmine
Augusta stone Lucia laminate, Lamett
Augusta stone Lucia
Augusta stone Vittoria laminate, Lamett
Augusta stone Vittoria
Autumn Hickory laminate, Lamett
Autumn Hickory
Coastal Cape Town laminate, Lamett
Coastal Cape Town
Coastal Clifton Beach laminate, Lamett
Coastal Clifton Beach
Coastal Seychelles Natural laminate, Lamett
Coastal Seychelles Natural
Colonial Hickory laminate, Lamett
Colonial Hickory
Crossroads Hickory laminate, Lamett
Crossroads Hickory
Hemispheres Acacia laminate, Lamett
Hemispheres Acacia
Hemispheres Black walnut laminate, Lamett
Hemispheres Black walnut
Hemispheres Expresso laminate, Lamett
Hemispheres Expresso
Hemispheres Spalted laminate, Lamett
Hemispheres Spalted
Lost Mountain Hickory laminate, Lamett
Lost Mountain Hickory
Ostuni Slates Fantese laminate, Lamett
Ostuni Slates Fantese
Ostuni Slates Pilone laminate, Lamett
Ostuni Slates Pilone
Ostuni Slates Villanova laminate, Lamett
Ostuni Slates Villanova
Rustic Hickory laminate, Lamett
Rustic Hickory
Santorini Palissandro laminate, Lamett
Santorini Palissandro
Santorini Salerno laminate, Lamett
Santorini Salerno
Santorini Splendor laminate, Lamett
Santorini Splendor
Santorini Valetta laminate, Lamett
Santorini Valetta
Soho Burmese Teak laminate, Lamett
Soho Burmese Teak
Soho Coffee laminate, Lamett
Soho Coffee
Soho Honey laminate, Lamett
Soho Honey
Soho Mahogany laminate, Lamett
Soho Mahogany
Soho Rosewood laminate, Lamett
Soho Rosewood
Soho Wenge laminate, Lamett
Soho Wenge
Sunset Hickory laminate, Lamett
Sunset Hickory

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