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Sphinx, Dalton, GA, USA


Made from the finest materials and designed with the most trend setting styles, Sphinx rugs by Oriental Weavers are incredibly beautiful additions to any décor. Such a range of color and design give each homeowner or designer an opportunity to express superior style and good taste with the grounding influence of these fantastic rugs.

You can create a specific and unique style for a room with just the right rug to lend aesthetic appeal as well as function and performance to your interior design. Whatever type of floor covering used in a particular space, from hardwood flooring to ceramic tile to laminate flooring, a Sphinx area rug can change the entire look of a room and give it a whole new inviting warmth and appeal.

You can enjoy the luxuriously rich carpet textures, the vibrant colors and hues, and the stylish and creative patterns of these rugs, and design your whole room with this fantastic base décor. From elegant, to contemporary, to fun and friendly, choose Sphinx rugs by Oriental Weavers.

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Who sells Sphinx in Arkansas
Holmes Tile & Marble - Jonesboro, AR 72403
Who carries Sphinx floors in Maine
Merrill Furniture - Ellsworth, ME 04605
Huge selection of Sphinx floors in Pennsylvania area!
Giovino's Flooring - Tunkhannock, PA 18657
Visit us for an impressive choice of Sphinx floors in South Carolina!
Dodgson Floor & Window Coverings - Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
We carry the best selection of Sphinx floors in the state of Virginia!
Carpet Mill Outlet - Hampton, VA 23669
Costen Floors Inc - Richmond, VA 23233


Allure 003A1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 003A1
Allure 005A1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 005A1
Allure 015A1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 015A1
Allure 054A1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 054A1
Allure 054C1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 054C1
Allure 055B1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 055B1
Allure 057B1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 057B1
Allure 058B1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 058B1
Allure 059A1 carpet, Sphinx
Allure 059A1
Amelia 2260B carpet, Sphinx
Amelia 2260B
Amelia 260X6 carpet, Sphinx
Amelia 260X6
Amelia 261B6 carpet, Sphinx
Amelia 261B6
Amelia 8126W carpet, Sphinx
Amelia 8126W
Ariana 2284A carpet, Sphinx
Ariana 2284A
Ariana 2285F carpet, Sphinx
Ariana 2285F
Ariana 2285G carpet, Sphinx
Ariana 2285G
Ariana 2312B carpet, Sphinx
Ariana 2312B
Ariana 2313B carpet, Sphinx
Ariana 2313B
Bauhaus 84119 carpet, Sphinx
Bauhaus 84119
Bauhaus 84126 carpet, Sphinx
Bauhaus 84126
Caspian 3066V carpet, Sphinx
Caspian 3066V
Caspian 3330N carpet, Sphinx
Caspian 3330N
Caspian 3331L carpet, Sphinx
Caspian 3331L
Caspian 3331W carpet, Sphinx
Caspian 3331W
Caspian 8327L carpet, Sphinx
Caspian 8327L
Emerson  1999A carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 1999A
Emerson 2028C carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 2028C
Emerson 2033C carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 2033C
Emerson 2040A carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 2040A
Emerson 2205A carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 2205A
Emerson 2282A carpet, Sphinx
Emerson 2282A
Fusion 27201 carpet, Sphinx
Fusion 27201
Fusion 27207 carpet, Sphinx
Fusion 27207
Generations 1939I carpet, Sphinx
Generations 1939I
Genesis 097R1 carpet, Sphinx
Genesis 097R1
Genesis 505H1 carpet, Sphinx
Genesis 505H1
Genre  501H8 carpet, Sphinx
Genre 501H8
Genre 362Y8 carpet, Sphinx
Genre 362Y8
Genre 580X1 carpet, Sphinx
Genre 580X1
Genre 631Y8 carpet, Sphinx
Genre 631Y8
Hudson 1616D carpet, Sphinx
Hudson 1616D
Hudson 2666F carpet, Sphinx
Hudson 2666F
Kharma 1092W carpet, Sphinx
Kharma 1092W
Kharma 1330G carpet, Sphinx
Kharma 1330G
Kharma 1508Z carpet, Sphinx
Kharma 1508Z
Kharma 703X4 carpet, Sphinx
Kharma 703X4
Lanai 188X5 carpet, Sphinx
Lanai 188X5
Lanai 624X1 carpet, Sphinx
Lanai 624X1
Lotus 85404 carpet, Sphinx
Lotus 85404
Modena 89104 carpet, Sphinx
Modena 89104
Modena 89107 carpet, Sphinx
Modena 89107
Modena 89109 carpet, Sphinx
Modena 89109

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