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Custom Carpets, North Little Rock, Arkansas (AR)

Address: 5200 J.F.K. Blvd.
North Little Rock, Arkansas (AR), 72116

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There are many different types of floor covering materials available on the market today, as well as many different floor stores. Custom Carpets of North Little Rock offers the highest quality flooring available, and their services are a cut above the rest.

Youíll be able to rely upon the flooring professionals of Custom Carpets for the life of your floors, not just for the few minutes it might take to sell you the flooring. Professionalism and outstanding customer service are the hallmarks of this fantastic floor store, where you and your family are the priority. They will make sure that you have all of the necessary information to make an informed decision about the right kind of floors for your space, so that you remain happy with your floors for many years to come.

Their selection of premium flooring includes beautiful carpets, hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring in a wide range of fantastic colors, textures and designs. Beautiful floors are their specialty, and youíll love the results from Custom Carpets.

We are serving (cities in Arkansas): Sherwood, Gibson, Gravel Ridge, Jacksonville

You can buy Carpet, Hardwood floor and Laminate in our store from the following manufacturers: Aladdin Carpet, Beaulieu, Kahrs, Kraus Carpet, Kronotex, Mannington

Phone: 501-753-4544
WebSite: Custom Carpets
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About Time - Balsa Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Birch Paper Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Forest Shade Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Leather Tone Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Ecru Carpet, Beaulieu
About Time - Tribal Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Blue Spectrum Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Camelot Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Cattails Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Forest Lights Carpet, Beaulieu
Accommodation - Rolling Meadows Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Cumberland Fall Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Everglade Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Italian Honey Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Kiwi Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Meadow Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Razzle Dazzle Carpet, Beaulieu
Petit Point - Safe Harbor Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Brass Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Glass Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Granite Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Jewel Carpet, Beaulieu
Polished - Penny Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Brown Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Camel Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Charcoal Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Forest Green Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Mocha Tan Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Mulberry Carpet, Beaulieu
Progression - Pale Cedar Carpet, Beaulieu
Static 26 - Hot Lips Carpet, Beaulieu
Static 26 - Huggie Bear Carpet, Beaulieu
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Beaulieu, Kahrs, Kraus Carpet, Kronotex, Mannington
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