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Kronotex, Barnwell, SC, USA


The stylish appearance and refinement of authentic hardwood flooring is captured perfectly with Kronotex laminate floors. The exceptional quality of each of the varying styles and laminate designs is enhanced by finishing touches such as wood grain texture and beveled edges. The different patterns, shades and colors available for your selection are all extraordinarily realistic, displaying a well-rounded collection of both traditional hardwood species as well as more exotic hardwood styles.

The additional benefits to the aesthetic appeal of laminate flooring designs include the exceptional value of affordable pricing, and the incredible durability and performance of these long-lasting, low maintenance laminate floors. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, laminate floors are resistant to abrasion, impact, foot traffic wear, stains and even cigarette burns.

Kronotex laminate floors will stand the test of time, and stand up to years and years of constant use while remaining as glowingly beautiful as the day they were first installed. All your daily activities can be enjoyed while walking, working, living, and playing on beautiful, functional laminate floors.

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Who carries Kronotex floors in Colorado
Payless Design Flooring - Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Louisiana stores selling Kronotex
Integrity Carpet Sales - Kenner, LA 70062
Huge selection of Kronotex floors in Michigan area!
Fogelsonger's Affordable Floors - Flint, MI 48504
Visit us for an impressive choice of Kronotex floors in Mississippi!
Seashore Floors & More - Gulfport, MS 39507
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Glamour Flooring - Katy, TX 88450


Amazone  Brazilian cherry laminate, Kronotex
Amazone Brazilian cherry
Amazone Cambridge oak laminate, Kronotex
Amazone Cambridge oak
Amazone Oklahoma oak laminate, Kronotex
Amazone Oklahoma oak
Amazone Parisienne oak laminate, Kronotex
Amazone Parisienne oak
American Walnut laminate, Kronotex
American Walnut
Australian Paperwood laminate, Kronotex
Australian Paperwood
Beaufort  Sacranento pine laminate, Kronotex
Beaufort Sacranento pine
Beaufort  Stable oak laminate, Kronotex
Beaufort Stable oak
Beaufort Magona laminate, Kronotex
Beaufort Magona
Beaufort Walnut laminate, Kronotex
Beaufort Walnut
Brullington Maple laminate, Kronotex
Brullington Maple
Brushed Caramel maple laminate, Kronotex
Brushed Caramel maple
Cerry Valle Creekside Pacan laminate, Kronotex
Cerry Valle Creekside Pacan
Cerry Valley Flether oak laminate, Kronotex
Cerry Valley Flether oak
Cerry Valley Savannah laminate, Kronotex
Cerry Valley Savannah
Cerry Valley Sinciar oak laminate, Kronotex
Cerry Valley Sinciar oak
Dakota Oak laminate, Kronotex
Dakota Oak
Herrington Caramel maple laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Caramel maple
Herrington Chocolate oak laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Chocolate oak
Herrington Mabec Walnut laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Mabec Walnut
Herrington Mediterranean Martle laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Mediterranean Martle
Herrington Sacranento pine laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Sacranento pine
Herrington Santos Mahogany laminate, Kronotex
Herrington Santos Mahogany
Merbau laminate, Kronotex
Metallic Impressions Agate laminate, Kronotex
Metallic Impressions Agate
Montgomery Maple laminate, Kronotex
Montgomery Maple
Sidney Acacia laminate, Kronotex
Sidney Acacia
Wild Cherry laminate, Kronotex
Wild Cherry
Wilmingto Jasper oak laminate, Kronotex
Wilmingto Jasper oak
Wilmington Crawford pecan laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Crawford pecan
Wilmington Dixon cherry laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Dixon cherry
Wilmington Maple laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Maple
Wilmington Milo cherry laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Milo cherry
Wilmington Sumner hickory laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Sumner hickory
Wilmington Tanner oak laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Tanner oak
Wilmington Tristan pine laminate, Kronotex
Wilmington Tristan pine
Winfield Cherry laminate, Kronotex
Winfield Cherry
Woodstock oak laminate, Kronotex
Woodstock oak

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